Center for programs for support of MSME

Center for programs for support of MSMEs in CCIS in cooperation with GIZ (German Corporation for International Cooperation) is developing mechanisms for supporting innovative tech MSMEs to commercialize their products/services in cooperation with large corporations, to help them adjust their own services to the market needs.
With this initiative, we tend to create a meaningful connection between innovative tech MSMEs and big corporations from Serbia in order to improve their communication that will result with more dynamic cooperation and development of a more stable local industry based on innovation.
Local innovative tech MSMEs participating in online B2B meetings will have an opportunity to present their business ventures to big corporations, suggesting the solutions for optimizing or innovating their business that will enable them to outsource some of their production processes, invest, or buy innovative-technology MSMEs or their products, rather than to create their new production processes, in order to be more competitive in the markets, whether they are local, regional or global.
Business forum „Coalition for the future“ will include a set of online B2B meetings, panel discussions and lectures with the special focus being on presenting CCISs platform „Find a business partner“ created to encourage future cooperation between innovative tech MSMEs and big corporations.
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